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Some popular tourist destination countries are trying to simplify the visa application process and allow tourists to obtain their visas on arrival. That means you don’t have to get the visa before you travel to these places but can just pay a certain amount at the airport when you land (exact amount differs depending on the country) and you’ll have the visa sticker placed into your passport.

Please note, only a small number of countries offer this option and even if these cases embassies generally recommend getting a visa in advance as you may have difficulties boarding a plane without a valid visa in your passport.

Generally getting a visa on arrival means queuing up for it, so if you want to save yourself some time and have a few extra hours to enjoy your trip rather than spend them at the airport (land border), you may decide to get this visa beforehand.

To check up to date visa requirements, please select the country you are travelling to on our map and you’ll be able to get all necessary details.

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